Founded in 1995 as a family business, SUBCONTROL has specialized in project management, general planning, architecture&urban planning and site supervision.

Thanks to the experience we have accumulated over the years as shown by the references, we recommend ourselves as one of the best qualified and reliable companies in this field in western Romania.
The company started in 1995 with only two employees – the founders of SUBCONTROL– Mrs. And Mr. Radoslav. The company grew fast after receiving in 1996 its first big project- general planning and site supervision for the factory of CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS- the biggest and most important foreign investment in Romania by that time. After so many years, CONTINENTAL is still one of our closest clients.

As a family business, SUBCONTROL has a strong value system which unites its members and provides a framework for building relationships with the business and the community.

Among the years, the company grew, due to a clearly defined vision of the future, holding on to its values.